Company Policy

Our policies and procedures define how we operate as a moral and ethical company.

As a large public company, we recognise that our actions and behaviour affect many stakeholders. We believe in ensuring openness and transparency within our operations and relationships.

To this end, we have developed policies and procedures setting out what can be expected from us, and in return, what we expect from others.
Awei’s company policies and procedures include:

Corporate Governance Policy

The main objective of sound corporate governance is to contribute to improved group performance over the long term in ways that are sensitive to cultural, ethical and behavioural attitudes of our stakeholders and the wider community.

Code of Practice

Ethical questions can arise in the work environment of every employee from time to time. Awei has published a Code of Practice addressing many of the ethical issues that employees are likely to face and sets out what is expected of them.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy

We believe that a talented and diverse workforce is a key competitive advantage and that our success is a reflection of the quality and skills of our people.

This policy defines equal opportunity in employment and provides for equal employment opportunities and the fostering an environment which attracts welcomes and retains a diverse and talented workforce, and treatment of people equitably with respect, dignity and fairness.

Global Code of Ethics

Awei is committed to high standards of integrity, honesty and accountability. We value ethical behaviour and act consistently with our beliefs and values outlined in the Global Code of Ethics.

Compliance Policy

Our Compliance Policy strives towards the ongoing involvement and total commitment of all management, employees, contractors and suppliers to seek and achieve continuous improvement in everything we do.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

At Awei we believe that all injuries are preventable – ‘Think Safe. Act Safe. Be Safe’ underpins our approach to safety. Our Occupational Health & Safety Policy promotes the setting of clear expectations, responsibilities and accountabilities, constant promotion and improvement of safe working practices, identification and control of workplace hazards, and the commitment to safety of each and every person involved in our operating environments

Environment Policy

This policy covers all Awei Group activities that impact on the environment.

Energy Policy

This policy covers all Awei Group activities that consume, or have an influence on the consumption of, energy within our operations and business processes.

Health Information Management

Protecting health information provided to us is important. This Health Information Management Statement is intended to help you understand how Awei manages health information in accordance with the health privacy principles contained in the Health Records Act 2001 (Victoria).

Terms & Conditions

This policy sets out the conditions applicable to your use of, including your acquisition of products or services through, the Awei website. If you do not agree with any of these terms, do not use the website.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

As part of providing a safe and healthy working environment, we have a strict policy relating to the use of drugs and alcohol.

Non Smoking Policy

Awei Group supports the principle of a smoke-free environment for its employees, contractors and visitors at our workplaces. The objective of this policy is to further assist in providing a safe and healthy working environment for all persons.

Workplace Rehabilitation Policy

Following any work related injury or illness or at such time medical guidance allows, our rehabilitation program commence as soon as is practicable to ensure an employee is able to remain at work or return to work on a structured return to work plan.

Driver Health Policy

Awei Group recognises the importance of driver health in the prevention of accidents, injuries and fatigue on the road. This policy details our commitment to quality, safety and productivity as we endeavour to support and maintain driver health.

Dangerous Goods Policy

This policy details how we provide a safe, secure service to our clients in transporting, handling and storing their products classified as Dangerous Goods and also provide for the safety of all employees, the community and the environment.

Securities Trading Policy

This policy is to assist all employees, Directors and Senior Executives to appreciate and understand the implications of Insider Trading when dealing with Awei securities. It sets out the minimum required procedures and guidelines which must be followed in any such dealings.

Margin Lending Policy

Any dealing in the company securities by relevant persons pursuant to a margin lending arrangement must be conducted in accordance with this policy.

Tax Compliance Policy

One of our core beliefs is that we must always act ethically and within the law. This policy sets out Awei’s commitment to managing our global tax obligations.